Korean Yards 2016

Technical Seminar, Copenhagen 28. August - 3. September

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Dear Ladies and gentlemen

It was a pleasure seeing you at the MAN Diesel & Turbo Seminar in Copenhagen.

Thank you for participating. We are pleased to provide you with the presentations held at the seminar.

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ProgrammePDF93.64 KB Download
Business cardsPDF1.15 MB Download
Group photoJPG7.97 MB Download
01) Welcome Company presentationPDF2.89 MB Download
02) Achievements, Challenges and Market ConditionsPDF3.23 MB Download
03) MARK 10 G90 S70 S60 Weight Down, Power UpPDF1.42 MB Download
04) New Engine Control Technology for Improved Ship AccelerationPDF2.38 MB Download
05a) Torsional VibrationPDF667.80 KB Download
05b) Vibration SynchroPhasingPDF859.44 KB Download
06) PTO Lay-outPDF1.23 MB Download
07) Steam EEC and WHRPDF1.63 MB Download
08) Cooling water system - ACOMPDF2.66 MB Download
09) Engine Management SystemPDF2.10 MB Download
10) Tier III updatePDF1.00 MB Download
11) Maersk position towards Tier III compliancePDF945.51 KB Download
12) SCR presentationPDF2.83 MB Download
13a) EGR solutionsPDF1.65 MB Download
13b) TierIII QAPDF91.44 KB Download
14) RTU DesignPDF1.33 MB Download
15) Installation and EconomyPDF1.75 MB Download
16) Prepared Tier III RetrofitPDF1.18 MB Download
17) ME-GIME-LGI Applications and referencesPDF1.01 MB Download
18) Service experience ME-GI enginesPDF8.37 MB Download
19) ME-GI and ME-LGI Gas TechnologiesPDF3.98 MB Download
20) FGSS for ME-GIM-LGIPDF2.27 MB Download
21) ME-GI LGI Fuel FiltersPDF688.42 KB Download
22) Double Wall Pipe InstallationPDF1.64 MB Download
23) ME-GI Gas retrofitPDF722.84 KB Download
24) EGR service experiencePDF1.86 MB Download
25) SOx controlPDF4.67 MB Download
26a) Latest Design Development PDF3.09 MB Download
26b) Latest Design Development 2PDF2.93 MB Download
27) Propulsion PrimeServPDF3.25 MB Download
28) Turbocharger UpdatesPDF1.47 MB Download
29) Large bore engines and gensetsPDF5.42 MB Download
30) Small bore 4 stoke enginesPDF9.09 MB Download

Alfa Laval Presentations

Agenda MDT Alfa Laval RCPDF1.10 MB Download
01) Alfa Laval Marine Diesel OverviewPDF2.39 MB Download
02) PureNOx Prime TechnicalPDF5.72 MB Download
03) PureNOx Prime InstallationPDF749.73 KB Download
04) FCM One MeOHPDF2.52 MB Download
05) FCM One LPGPDF1.44 MB Download
06) FCM One GASPDF2.23 MB Download
07) Gas Heat HexchangersPDF4.21 MB Download
08) Moatti Atrium TechnologyPDF1.65 MB Download
09) Adaptive Fuel LinePDF2.09 MB Download
Purenox Movie 1920x1080 25fpsMP496.76 MB Download
290 filter - AtriumMP4119.48 MB Download