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Dear Ladies and gentlemen

It was a pleasure seeing you at the MAN Diesel & Turbo Seminar in Copenhagen.

Thank you for participating. We are pleased to provide you with the presentations held at the seminar.


3-02b) Heavy Tuning WheelPDF847.51 KB Download
3-03) Small Bore Latest New DevelopmentPDF2.99 MB Download
Group photoJPG7.86 MB Download
3-06d) PA6B Offshore GenSetsPDF5.77 MB Download
3-06c) 3544DFPDF3.66 MB Download
3-05b) GenSets HolebyPDF10.36 MB Download
3-06b) GenSets AugsburgPDF3.32 MB Download
3-05a) GenSets HolebyPDF7.51 MB Download
3-06a) Container GensetPDF4.80 MB Download
3-02a) Large bore Latest Development PDF2.90 MB Download
3-01) R and D Latest New Engine DevelopmentPDF1.44 MB Download
3-04) LT Cooling SystemPDF388.63 KB Download
2-09) LNG Ready and LNG RetrofitPDF781.21 KB Download
2-08c) Auxiliary equipment for GI_partIIPDF184.67 KB Download
2-08b) Auxiliary equipment for GI_partIPDF1.19 MB Download
2-07) FGSS for LNGC and LFS VesselsPDF4.09 MB Download
2-08a) Auxiliary equipment for GIPDF1.19 MB Download
2-04) SOx controlPDF11.26 MB Download
2-06) ME-GI ME-LGI App Test Results and Service ExperiencePDF3.31 MB Download
2-05) ME-GI Market LeaderPDF1.83 MB Download
2-02) Tier III Project GuidePDF4.20 MB Download
2-03) Tier III Service ExperiencePDF1.09 MB Download
1-07) Special cases and engine lay-outPDF4.15 MB Download
2-01) Tier III StrategyPDF982.22 KB Download
1-06) Torsional Vibration ConditionsPDF3.16 MB Download
1-01a) Market StatusPDF7.90 MB Download
1-05) DLFPDF175.81 KB Download
1-01b) New engine programmePDF1.96 MB Download
1-04) Light Running MarginPDF1.53 MB Download
1-03b) Engine Comparison – The EEC effectPDF1.04 MB Download
1-03a) New CEAS programmePDF1.06 MB Download
1-02) Dot5 enginesPDF623.41 KB Download
ProgrammePDF91.86 KB Download