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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen. Please find preliminary editions of most of the presentations.

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ProgrammePDF85.96 KB Download
03 Emission Regulation JSYS17PDF1.81 MB Download
04 Marine fuels in 2020 JSYS17 PDF3.14 MB Download
6 Tier III LP-HP SCR and service experience PDF3.74 MB Download
8 EPG 2017 - JSYS17PDF2.10 MB Download
9 Engine selection with EEDI and MPP EEDI-2020 2025PDF2.39 MB Download
9a EngineSelection and EEDI -2017 rev1PDF1.89 MB Download
9b EEDI-2017PDF2.40 MB Download
10a LRM-2017PDF1.74 MB Download
10b PTO-layout-guidance-2017PDF1.26 MB Download
12a Vibration rPDF1.33 MB Download
12b SynchroPhasing_Japan_Yards_September_2017_JSYS17PDF2.05 MB Download
13 ME-GI_GIE_LGIM_LGIP PDF1.86 MB Download
14a ME-GI GIE LGI and PVU Design and service experience PDF2.77 MB Download
14b PVU JSYS17 PDF1.69 MB Download
14c ME-LGIP-Auxiliaries and InstallationPDF1.17 MB Download
15 MEGI Cost down JSYS17_PDF739.60 KB Download
17 Large bore design ver 1 JSYS17PDF1.17 MB Download
20 Efficiency Improvements To Main Engine Auxiliary Systems - JSYS17PDF8.42 MB Download
21a ME-GI(E)_engine_retrofit_prepared_PVU_tech_150817_JSYS17PDF2.82 MB Download
21b Preparation for Tier III EGR Retrofit_rev2_5_150817_JSYS17PDF3.24 MB Download
23 MAN_Holeby_GenSets_JSYS17PDF3.24 MB Download
25 Engine Management System, EMS Owner, yard and engine builders’ wishes and requirementPDF1.23 MB Download