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Dear Ladies and gentlemen

It was a pleasure seeing you at the MAN Diesel & Turbo Seminar in Copenhagen.Thank you for participating. We are pleased to provide you with the presentations held at the seminar.

Grooup-photo Japanese Shipyards sep2017


ProgrammePDF113.97 KB Download
01 02 Welcome Company Market 2017 LWB JSYS2017_PDF3.77 MB Download
3 Emission Regulation Japanese shipyards 2017-09-25PDF1.07 MB Download
4 Fuels in 2020 Japanese shipyards 2017-09-25PDF2.10 MB Download
05 scrubber Japanese Ship Yards JSYS17PDF1.02 MB Download
06 Tier III LPHP-SCR MDT HP-SCR and Service ExperiencePDF3.53 MB Download
07 Eco EGRPDF202.18 KB Download
07a Japanese yards' Seminar 2017PDF2.09 MB Download
08 Tier III engine room & Emission Project GuidePDF1.85 MB Download
09 a EngineSelectionPDF1.55 MB Download
09 b EEDI-2017PDF3.27 MB Download
09 c Customer supportPDF1.30 MB Download
10 a EngineSelectionPDF1.21 MB Download
10 b LRMPDF2.96 MB Download
10 d ME-B DLFPDF254.55 KB Download
10 e PTO-layout-guidancePDF505.78 KB Download
10 f BSR_power-margin_20150819XLSX139.41 KB Download
11 PTO solutions MAN Copenhagen 2017_2PDF4.19 MB Download
12 aJYS17_Torsional_Vibration_extPDF1.33 MB Download
12 a JYS17_Torsional_Vibration_extPDF1.33 MB Download
12 b SynchroPhasing_PEMVA_JapanYards_September_2017_JSYS17_FinalPDF2.11 MB Download
13 a LRJ_Japanese Ship Yards Seminar_26 September 2017PDF2.32 MB Download
14 c ME-LGIP-Auxiliaries and InstallationPDF775.92 KB Download
14 c ME-LGIP-Auxiliaries and Installation-pdfPDF777.66 KB Download
15 MEGI Cost down JSYS17 PDF442.05 KB Download
16 New engine programme LWB JSYS2017 PDF701.29 KB Download
17 Large bore, new engines and new componentsPDF1.45 MB Download
18a LES_Design_LRA_JSYS17PDF378.62 KB Download
18b LEL Design_SBME_JSYS17PDF1.62 MB Download
19 2020 PreparationPDF1001.45 KB Download
19a Oil CleanlinessPDF1.32 MB Download
20 Efficiency Improvements To Main Engine Auxiliary Systems - JSYS17PDF4.48 MB Download
21 ME-GI Gas retrofit presentation_JSYS17PDF2.22 MB Download
21 a Preparation for Tier III EGR Retrofit_rev2_5_150817_JSYS17PDF1.46 MB Download
22 MDT propeller programme and optimization aspects - JSYS17PDF7.80 MB Download
23 GensetsPDF3.23 MB Download
24 a ME-GI InstallationPDF1.36 MB Download
24 b ME-GI installation announcements 280917PDF504.64 KB Download
25 Engine Management System- EMS Owner- yard and engine builders wishes and requirements PDF1.28 MB Download
Business cards Japanese Shipyards Seminar 2017PDF980.96 KB Download